Enza Pellecchia

Graduated with full marks and honours from the Law School of Pisa University in 1988. In 1990 she was admitted in PhD project in Civil Law of Pisa University and in 1993 she was awarded PhD in Civil Law.
Assistant Professor and now Associated Professor in Civil Law and in Law of Public Goods, with tenures at Law School of Pisa University.

In 1999/2000 she has been charged of tenure in School of Economics of Pisa University and since 2001 she is charged of tenure in Corso di Laurea in Scienze per la Pace.
Since September 2005 she has been named Director of The Human Rights Center in Pisa and now is assistant Director of the Interdisciplinary Centre Science for Peace in Pisa University.
At various time, during the course of her career she has been invited to speak at several national congresses and at seminars in Italian University.
She’s member of a CNR Research Group upon personal injuries.

She has authored numerous essays and the books “ Scelte contrattuali e informazioni personali” e “Dall’insolvenza al sovraindebitamento”.

For more informations:

Curriculum: http://unimap.unipi.it/cercapersone/dettaglio.php?ri=444&template=dettaglio3.tpl

Publications: http://unimap.unipi.it/cercapersone/prodottiricerca.php?iddoc=008667

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