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cropped-banner_jusThe University of Pisa  is an Italian public research university located in Pisa, Italy. It was founded in 1343 by an edict of Pope Clement VI. It is the 19th oldest extant university in the world and the 10th oldest in Italy. The prestigious university is ranked between first and third places nationally, in the top 30 in Europe and the top 300 in the world. The University of Pisa is part of the Pisa University System, which includes the Scuola Normale Superiore and the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies. The university has about 57,000 students (of which 53,000 are undergraduate and postgraduate studies, and 3,500 are doctoral and specialization studies).

Legal Studies in Pisa already had a tradition as old as illustrious. Suffice it to say that in 1339 he taught law Bartolo da Sassoferrato, the greatest jurist of his time.

Since then, the teaching of the Law has maintained a level that would make the Pisan one of the most prestigious European Faculty of Law, with periods of authentic splendor, such as in the sixteenth century, in the eighteenth century and in the decades around the turn of the century.

As part of the development of doctrine after Italian national unification, a central place was awarded to lawyers who have lived their entire season in Pisa scientific or a substantial part of it. Even excluding the period after the Second World War, the list of names of scholars who have shown the Faculty may have value only as Giovanni Carmignani, Francesco Carrara, David Supino, Holy Roman, Ludovico Mortara and Francesco Buonamici, among lawyers ; Francesco Ferrara and Giuseppe Toniolo, among economists; Carlo Francesco Gabba and Giovanni Gentile, among philosophers of law.

Following the entry into force of Law no. 230/2010, the Faculty of Law was transformed in 2012 into “Department of Law”.

For more informations : http://web.jus.unipi.it/

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