Université du Bosphore

33Bogazici University

Political Science and International Relations



Bogazici University’s vision is achieving international excellence in education and research and becoming a “green”, sustainable university.

The main tenets of our vision are:

  • Reinforcing our capability in undergraduate education and reaching a similar level in graduate education.
  • Increasing our competitiveness in academic research and joining the best research universities in the world.
  • Developing a “green” and sustainable campus.

The mission of our university is:

1. Educating individuals who endorse our institutional values, who respect ethical standards, who are environmentally conscious, who can think critically and who, with their academic and cultural formation and self confidence, are versatile, creative and capable of being successfully employed in academic institutions and in public or private sectors.

2. Generating universal knowledge and contributing to critical thinking, science and technology while serving humanity

3. Expanding the scientific horizons in Turkey and contributing to the insitutionalization of science, art and culture in our society.

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